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Its unique blend of proprietary technology innovative active ingredients, derived from a marine origin natural extract, blended with bio-catalysts. It maintains the physiological condition of the digestive tract by stimulating the regeneration of the epithelium, ie., the villi’s height and crypts’ depth gets increased, which leads to a better nutrient absorption and avoids the fixation of pathogenic bacteria to enterocytes. Effectively, higher RNA protein translation rate and therefore increased cellular production of specific protein, which means the target organ functionality is better, nothing but improving the intestinal physiology Its functional additive supplements & acts as entry inhibitor for bad pathogens.


  • Product must be diluted with enough water & sprinkled all over the feed pellets.
  • Product must be applied manually with both the hands.
  • Allow the pellets to dry for 15-20 minutes after product application.
  • Dosage: 5 – 10g/kg of pellet feed

Note: For better results and faster growth, both the products ZYMO ZENOVIT and XYMO AVP AQ can be given on alternative days for one feed.