Animal Farm

UAL offers innovative, sustainable bio-solutions for Livestock and Poultry farming. The concept of clean environment and preventive health management as an alternative to the use of antibiotics and growth hormones results in faster growth, more uniform production, lower mortality and a consistently better health status.

UAL Litter management program for livestock industry addresses the challenges of bio-security in the farm. The program ensures a clean environment by addressing litter management & fly control in the bird house along with farm management issues pertaining to water, stress and pathogens. The integrated program uses biomolecules & natural extracts to control the issues associated with high ammonia, odour emanating pathogens in litter, stress, pathogens & fly control.

UAL Wellness and Heath management program offers effective solutions for drinking water & feed management, there by addressing stress/pathogens & water issues in the livestock industry. The program also offers a holistic preventive heath solution that takes care of intestinal and digestive health of the animals ensuring strong health and immunity to diseases. The preventive program eliminates the use of antibiotics as a growth promoter ensuring the farm produce is safe for human consumption.

The Integrated organic program is affordable, economical, scalable, environmentally friendly & sustainable.

Animal Feed

UAL bio-solutions for Animal feed manufacturers offers a sustainable alternative feed management solution to achieve optimal results in livestock and poultry farms. The solution enables feed manufacturers to preserve and enhance the nutritional availability and quality of feed, ensuring the essential nutrients are made available to the animal. The solution replaces the use of chemicals and antibiotics additives with organic inputs while meeting the ever-increasing demand for consistently safe and nutritionally balanced quality feed.

The key elements of UAL feed solution are

Feed preservation – to preserve feed from spoilage or contamination

Maximize nutrient availability – helps animal to better absorb available nutrients

Nutritional Supplements – Range of supplements to ensure well balanced nutrient availability for optimal growth.



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