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Quantity: 500g POUCH


It can make a significant increase in growth and yield of paddy/wheat.


Dosage: PADDY / WHEAT 1st Cycle: 2.5kg to 3kg ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR mix with 100 – 200 kg rice husk/carbonized rice hull + 50 – 100 kg FYM apply as basal dosing

STUBBLE COMPOSTING: Post harvest, rice straw/stubble, shred it, plough it back to soil and apply ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR – 1kg per acre, IRRIGATE IT AND LEAVE IT FOR 20 DAYS.

Followed by 2 – 2.25 kg ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR mix with 100kg Rice Husk, 50 – 100 kg FYM, apply after transplantation of paddy or if its drum seeding, apply along with grains