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Very effective in reducing /degrading organic loads and accelerates the process of degradation on

organic / nitrogenous waste material in the pond bottom. Reduces the ammonia and all other toxic gas levels and pathogenic bacteria and provides a safe and healthy environment to the animal.


Should be used under the guidance of highly technically qualified person.

For vannamie and shrimp cultures:

For Culture Stock densities-15-20 sqr.mtr:

Preparation 2-3 kg per hectare: A week before stocking 2-3 kg, After 15 days 2 kg, After 30 days 1-2 kg, After 45 days 1-2kg, After 60 days 1-2 kg, After 75 days 2-3 kg, After 90 days 2-3 kg

For Fishponds:

Pond preparation: 2-3 kg/acre A week after stocking: 2-5 kg per acre will give best results at all stages of the culture, should be used once in 15 days for better and desired results.