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Arthropod pests such as insects, mites, ticks and flies found in livestock and poultry production systems across the planet cause massive economic losses. Large population of flies in livestock is responsible for transmission of disease. However, the use of pesticides to control flies can negatively affect the environment. Flies cause a reduction in livestock productivity by distressing animals during times of feeding, resting and by vectoring pathogens. UAL’s Zymo BIOGUARD + Xymo BIOCONTROL F Organic program effectively control the ammonia /pathogens in Deep litter/Wet-litter , by breaking down the faecal matter & depriving the environment for larva growth & biologically controlling the existing adult fly population by repelling action.
2 – 4ml / L of water, spray around the cage, every 5-7days.
Quantity: 1 Litre/s NM HDPE Can