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Ammonia is a major cause of aqua toxicity. The major sources of ammonia in aquaculture ponds are fertilizers and feeds, and problems with high ammonia are most common in feed-based aquaculture. Ammonia is excreted by aquatic animals as a waste product from protein metabolism, and microbial decomposition of organic matter also is a source of ammonia. Ammonia causes stress and damages gills and other tissues, even in small amounts. Fish, shrimp, and prawns ex- posed to low levels of ammonia over time are more susceptible to bacterial infections, have poor growth, and will not tolerate routine handling as well as they otherwise would. Ammonia is a killer when present in higher concentrations, and many unexplained production losses have likely been caused by ammonia. ZYMO NITRIFIX is an Ammonia Neutralizer, which makes pond water safe for fish, shrimp, prawns, and plants, by neutralizing large concentrations of  toxic ammonia. It is important to eliminate ammonia in pond water to ensure the health of aquatic animals and plants. The addition of ZYMO NITRIFIX to aquaculture ponds will not result in any damage to the fish and shrimp crop or to the environment.


100 – 250g / 1000 SQM pond size. Pre-trials are necessary to optimize the dosage.