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XYMO D-TK XL CONC is a plant extract and biocatalyst blended product. XYMO D-TK XL CONC shows a strong toxicity to snails, eliminates unwanted wild fish, molluscans, frogs i.e., red blooded aquatic animals., in a shrimp culture pond and reservoir water tanks of fish farms, but doesn’t show any side effect or disturbs the shrimp health. XYMO D-TK XL CONC is a product which can also be used as a pond cleaner.


  1. For normal reservoir fish or shrimp ponds: 3 -5 kg per acre of pond.
  2. XYMO D-TK XL CONC dissolves in water very quickly. Dissolve the recommended quantity of XYMO D-TK XL CONC in 20-30ltr water & spread across the pond.
  3. For Vannamei or shrimp ponds: use 3 – 7kg per acre (at water ppt 20-30 of salinity). Use 5 – 8 kg per acre of pond if the salinity is too low like 0-5 ppt.
  4. Always prefer to start using the product to shrimp pond when animal body weight average over 5 gm.
  5. Dosage can be repeated in shrimp farms once in 2 months.
  6. Product success depends on the correct dosage and product application at a right time